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WORLD ROCK 5200,5300 and 5500 SERIES WORLD ROCK 5200,5300 and 5500 SERIES In the optical functional resin, except in the reliability test can still maintain high optical transparency, and adjusting the refractive index of the resin; capable of curing under visible light products is also very complete, even though the parts of U
WORLD ROCK 5900 and 8700 SERIES WORLD ROCK 5900 and 8700 SERIES A semiconductor package: This is airtight sealant can deal with low permeability, reduce the high reliability and low distortion airtight sealant degassing and other requirements; to deal with the small to large ceramic and plastic packaging;
WORLD ROCK 830 SERIES WORLD ROCK 830 SERIES The speaker, motor, optical pickup assembly with two liquid mixing resin: even a rough mix, uncured part does not produce adhesive, also can be cured by UV, so it can completely solidified in the light to the site,according to the production conditions
WORLD ROCK HRJ SERIES WORLD ROCK HRJ SERIES To improve the legibility of touch panel, liquid crystal / organic EL display: high transparency, low shrinkage and low elasticity, it is an optical elastic resin suitable for laminating display body
WORLD ROCK 8100 and 8800 SERIES WORLD ROCK 8100 and 8800 SERIES In the field of fixed optical components, we have the objective of providing flexible and rich product lineup for the purpose of controlling deformation
WORLD ROCK 801,A-350SERIES WORLD ROCK 801,A-350SERIES LCD, PDP and OLED around FPC and IC crimping chip electrode protection and enhancement: with high purity and low moisture quality, difficult adhesive (low polar substances PI, PC, as the representative of the olefin) for high bonding strength
WORLD ROCK 700 SERIES WORLD ROCK 700 SERIES ODF sealant for LCD panels: by removing highly polluting components of the liquid crystals, the electrical characteristics are maintained at a high level and the poor orientation due to sealing is suppressed
WORLD ROCK 9000 SERIES WORLD ROCK 9000 SERIES Precise fixing of light emitting elements such as LD and PD shall be carried out