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Product name:DA-3188G

Product describe:
This product is a kind of synthetic rubber adhesive film transparency, broken wire, small bubbles play excellent adhesion properties of rubber, metal, wood, cloth and other materials. The film formed by transparent adhesive, it is suitable for bonding tra
Product model DA-3188G colour Canary yellow
Packing specification 15Kg Application market Electronic / electrical
flash point(mPa?s) -17℃ singleTwo-component single
viscosity(mPa?s) 4000-6500
Typical use The adhesive of transparent plastic sheet and film (but on the polystyrene foam board will be immersed in the residual solvents, so to do a good job in addition to full recognition, phenolic resin, nylon, silicone rubber and polyethylene are not bonded.) For the assembly; bonding speakers and other electrical components, especially suitable for bonding PP rubber dust cover and side and support; for the bonding requirements must be transparent (but exposed after a period of time will be marked yellow.) Other bonding such as fibers, leather, wood, paper, and rubber.
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